Why TrainingPeaks


At Elevate Performance Coaching, our online triathlon coaching is fully supported by TrainingPeaks. It’s an easy to use, all in one integrated web, mobile and desktop-based solution. Basic account for athletes is FREE as well!



Heart Rate, GPS, Power Meters Data Upload

Annual Periodisation Plan

  • A clear plan focusing on the important periods, leading into your goals and objectives.

Individual Training Sessions

  • Designed specifically for you and your goals, in all disciplines.

Weekly Updated Training Plans

  • Designed to fit into your lifestyle and help achieve the best training adaptation.

Online Training Diary, Feedback and Forum

  • Designed to answer any questions that have arisen through your training.

Strength and Core Stability Training Sessions

  • Including videos and photographs on how to perform the exercises correctly.

Weekly Coaching Updates

  • An essential part of all of our coaching programmes.

Nutrition Diary

  • This allows for further essential analysis and advice to aid performances.