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Swim Stroke Analysis


The best swimmers in the world continuously analyze their stroke technique and refine their training. Small adjustments in stroke technique can improve stroke efficiency and overall swimming velocity to reach optimal performance. In swimming, efficiency is everything. At Elevate Performance Coaching, we help athletes fine-tune their strokes to deliver the maximum return on time and energy spent in the water.


The smallest improvements in stroke technique yield enhanced efficiency and propulsion. Most swimmers rely on external indicators like stroke count and pace to measure progress and improvement. These high-level metrics are great, but nothing beats seeing your stroke. Elevate Performance Coaching coaches have years of experience analyzing hundreds of swimmer's strokes and races. Our coaches use advanced slow-motion analysis to deliver the ultimate video review so you can swim smarter and faster than ever before! Check out what is discussed in a swim stroke analysis session here.

Our swim stroke analysis is also a great way to overcome or avoid injury. If you are getting a similar twinge with every swim, you may find that a small adjustment to your technique will make all the difference. A swim stroke analysis session is the first step in understanding the mechanics of the ideal swim stroke and matching that with your own current stroke. Once you have the knowledge in place, you can work towards making improvements in your own performance.

The details

180 min session (minimum 60 minutes pool time)

  • Underwater and above water cameras

  • Stroke analysis by SSA Certifed Coach

  • Slow-motion playback of video clips

  • Overview of a fast and efficient freestyle stroke

  • Understand where to find extra speed and efficiency in your stroke

  • Corrective drills suggested

  • Access to Elevate drill video library

  • Video clips of swim strokes

What you will need for the session:

  • Goggles

  • Front snorkel (we recommend TYR)

  • Paddles (optional)

  • Pullbouy (optional)

  • Fins (optional)


  • $450SGD for 180mins (1-on-1 analysis)


  • The SeaWind Condo @ Telok Kurau, Singapore

Sessions available Monday-Friday, 7am to 4pm. By appointment only.


Video analysis is a huge part of getting faster in the water. It is not a criticism of where you are currently; it is a tool for you to move forward.​ Knowledge is power!

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