Track squad


Speed training forms an essential part of any well-rounded training program. Whether you are a runner training for a 5K or a triathlete preparing for an Ironman, speed work is essential to becoming a faster and stronger athlete.


At our weekly track squad, we practice various run interval modalities to hit various intensity zones, such as pyramid intervals, Yasso 800s repeats, 400m repeats, short sprints, just to name a few.

Our track squad training is suitable for runners of all ability levels. You'll get a coach-led warm-up comprising of dynamic movements, running drills and agility ladder drills, and a structured interval workout with pace intensity scaled to your ability group. Guaranteed to be loads of fun with each session planned and designed by Coach Tammi and Coach Arthur.  

The details

  • A fully mapped out run training programme, with different run phases throughout the year

  • A run programme designed to help all levels of athlete progress

  • Structured warm up sequence with dynamic running drills focusing on mobility and coordination

  • Agility ladder training focusing on agility, balance, speed

  • Resistance band training to practice running form, body position, strength

  • Varied run interval programmes designed to challenge all run intensity zones

What you will need for the session:

  • Running Shoes

  • Running Kit

  • Drink Bottle



  • $20SGD for 1x Session

  • $90SGD for 5x Sessions

  • $150SGD for 10x Sessions


  • Wednesday (6PM, 7PM)


  • Bedok ActiveSG Stadium, Singapore

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