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Online Coaching


Online Coaching Explained


Whether you are new to swimming, cycling, running, triathlon or a seasoned triathlete, our online coaching program provides you with customised support and attention from your own experienced IRONMAN certified coach 24/7. We use the TrainingPeaks platform to provide you with a fully interactive and customised triathlon training program filled with great information and valuable training and racing tools.

How The Process Works

Once you have contacted us, you will be asked to complete our Elevate Performance Coaching Athlete Questionnaire. At this stage, your coach will contact you to discuss your profile further. You can both raise any questions you may have and more importantly start to get to know each other.

Athlete Profile


From your athlete profile, we gather detailed information about you, your training experience and ability level, racing history and performance goals. This will allow us to carry out a full and thorough evaluation before building your annual training plan (ATP). Using our training philosophy, your program gradually and progressively builds you into a better athlete; however old or young you are and whatever your fitness ability level is at.

The training plan is built specifically for you, taking into account your commitments with regard to your family life, business travel, available training time, training facilities, equipment and club sessions, etc. We cater for all levels of athletes from complete beginners all the way through to age group champion athletes.


Training Peaks Software


The training details for each and every session can be seen on the TrainingPeaks platform. No more guesswork on what swim / bike / run / strength training to do; just check your TrainingPeaks App for the day’s training schedule. We will also scale each workout according to your ability/threshold level and list the purpose for each workout session.

The plan is built around the primary goal of your training cycle and along with your weekly feedback. This plan is also adjusted whenever “life happens” and whenever you need to change things around.

"When setting up an athlete's program you really do have to leverage the principle of periodization in order to help them progress over time. Coaches do it in different ways. The way I like to look at it is I have basically a preseason period where I help the athlete establish technique, build an aerobic base, that foundation that's so important, and also develop strength. From there we'll go into more of a pre-competitive phase where we'll start doing more specific work, do the kind of racing they want to do and start preparing them for actually getting out there in competition. And then, of course, we have our in-season phase, where the athlete is really focused on the energy systems and the quality of training that will help them perform at their highest level for that particular distance. When that's all done, I do get into a phase where I like to have recovery. There's a period of time where the athlete absolutely needs to decompress, and take some time, and let things go mentally and physically, and almost take a step back. I almost tell an athlete you have to take one step back in order to take two steps forward." - Coach Arthur

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The Athlete’s Commitment


Online coaching is a two-way street and your feedback is essential. Just as we provide the training plans, we expect you to provide all the feedback that will allow us to help you achieve your best. Throughout the program, we rely upon consistent weekly feedback via your online training diary, WhatsApp, text or phone.


Letting your coach know the results of each key workout or race, any problems with the training, upcoming holidays, family commitments, etc is important. This allows us to make any necessary adjustments to the training schedule.


The schedule you receive is not set in stone but is a flexible work in progress. It is modified continually, based on your feedback and with the results of each workout and race. This is why it is essential that you keep us updated on how the training is going.

Unlimited Contact With Your Coach


Unlike other coaching programs, we don’t limit the number of messages, calls or emails from athletes. We wholeheartedly welcome and encourage your feedback as often as necessary, especially in the early part of the training schedule. Send us all your questions, let us know how things are going both physically and mentally. You are the only one who truly knows your body so we rely on your feedback to keep your program on the fast track to success.


Our Online Coaching includes:


Customized Support


  • Support and attention from your own experienced triathlon certified coach. When you need your coach he/she will be there for you (Zoom, WhatsApp, email or phone calls), at any time, except when we sleep of course!

Web-Based Software

  • Our online software provides interactive training support. This gives you the ability to upload data from your smartwatches, heart rate monitors, GPS and power meters (compatible with over 80 different devices). All this allows you to accurately record, monitor and analyse training and racing data. The information is also fed automatically to your coach.


Annual Training Plan (ATP)


  • Focusing on the important training periods leading into your goals and objectives, your coach will develop a periodised training plan that will be the overarching framework for achieving those set targets.

Individual Training Sessions


  • Your coach designs these specifically for you and your goals. This is done across all disciplines to reflect your personal needs and leading into your specific key event(s). Regular testing will be conducted to benchmark your fitness ability so as to provide workout sessions that are scaled to your ability level.

Weekly Updated Training Plans


  • Your coach provides you with quality weekly swim / bike / run / triathlon training plans, designed to fit into your lifestyle and help achieve the best training adaption. We give detailed descriptions of workouts for each day of your program and periodisation to ensure you are 100% ready on race day.

Online Training Diary, Feedback and Forum


  • This allows you to record all of your swim / bike / run / triathlon training simply and fully. It also provides your coach with essential feedback and information on how you feel. Plus it gives your coach the opportunity to answer any questions that have arisen through your training.

Strength and Core Stability Training Sessions


  • This feature includes video footages and photographs on how to perform strength and core conditioning exercises correctly to help compliment your swim, bike and run workouts.


  • $295SGD per month
    *Min 5 months for IM70.3 and below events, and 8 months for IM140.6 and equivalent events.


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