Swim squad


The Elevate Performance Coaching swim squad caters to a range of swimming abilities. The swim squad is predominantly a freestyle squad and perfect for anyone who is looking to swim with like-minded triathletes/swimmers.



Swim session specificity will vary depending on the time of the season and the day of the week. Elevate Performance Coaching has multiple private swim lanes per session at Singapore University of Technology and Design, one for slower swimmers (2.30+) paced swimmers, one for slow (2.15-2.29) paced swimmers, one for medium (2.00-2.14) paced swimmers, one for fast (1.45-1.59) paced swimmers, and one for faster (sub 1.44) paced swimmers. Sessions training volume are adjusted for each lane depending on the swimmers' abilities and fitness level.


Sessions will be a mixture of technique, strength endurance, speed and triathlon-specific training.  Each session cover distances of 1500-3000m, focusing on various intensities including aerobic, anaerobic and VO2 max sessions. This ensures pacing skills and swimming speed is developed.

The details

  • A fully mapped out swim training programme, with different swim phases throughout the year

  • A swim programme designed and scaled to help all levels of athlete progress

  • Swim sets designed to challenge all swim intensity zones

  • Open water swim skills sessions throughout the year

  • Understand more about Elevate Swim Squad lane etiquette & abbreviations by clicking here

The focus

  • Monday : Technique + Speed

  • Wednesday : Threshold + Strength

  • Friday : Endurance + Pace



  • Monday (7.30PM), Wednesday (6.30AM)Friday (6.30AM)


What you will need for the session:

  • Goggles

  • Front snorkel

  • Paddles

  • Pull buoy

  • Fins


  • $30SGD for 1x Session (Including pool entry)

  • $130SGD for 5x Sessions (Including pool entry)

  • $210SGD for 10x Sessions (Including pool entry)​


  • Singapore University of Technology of Design, Sports and Recreational Centre

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