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Swim squad Lane etiquette

Lane Discipline


Keep Right - Swim as close to the right lane rope as possible to allow for anyone faster to overtake you. This means you don't swim on the black line, but keep the black line and the lane rope as your boundaries.

Overtaking - When overtaking ensure you continue to swim within the right side of the lane (never swim so wide that you swim into an overtaking swimmer from the oncoming lane). If you are the swimmer being overtaken, remain to the right of the lane as much as possible. Hold your line and maintain speed.

Turning - As you approach the end of the lane and the wall, move left so you turn as close to the left side of the lane as possible. This prevents pushing off and colliding with the person behind you. Avoid making a pass during a turn.

Do's and Don'ts

Respect Your Teammates - There is no room for ego. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. The only exception is when we're doing sprint sets or racing.

Communicate - Decide your lane order and when to change the lane order so everyone has a chance to lead. Communication makes all the difference between a frustrating practice and a smooth one.

Move Out Of The Way - When you are getting passed, finishing a set or if you need to stop for a break, make sure you're not in someone else's way.

Treat Other Swimmers With Respect - This extends not just to your teammates, but any other swimmer and person at the facility.

Join A Lane That's Your Speed - This goes for both slower and faster lanes. Lanes will be assigned a 100m pace range, so pick the lane that best fits you.

Don't Sandbag Your Sets - You sandbag training sets when you take it easy for the majority of the set and then all-out sprints the last bit.

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