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Lilian has lived a life immersed in water sports and the ocean. What started with fun and imaginary games in the pool as a water baby progressed into joining her primary school competitive swim and sail team. In university, she joined the surf club. 


Her love for the ocean carried on into her adult life. Lilian is from the pioneer batch of International Surfing Association-certified Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) instructors in Singapore, the official Olympic-recognised governing body of the sport. She teaches people young and old SUP and, most importantly, how to build their confidence in the open water. In addition, she is part of the Surfing Association Singapore (SAS) committee, aspiring to nurture and expand the SUP scene in Singapore. Lilian played an integral role as the race director for Singapore's inaugural Surf x SUP Classic race in 2021. 


Aside from leisure sports, Lilian's passion for competitive watersports never wavered. She actively trains with a competitive dragon boat and outrigger canoe team. Even back when she worked in the media communications field, she competed and often clinched medals in various water sports races. She is also actively involved in inclusive sports for Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) youth through being a guide for social enterprises Runninghour and Project Ocean Therapy.


Lilian is passionate about spreading the endless rewarding joys and experiences gained through water sports in her adult life thanks to having water confidence nurtured in her since young. With her natural knack for special needs and children through her voluntary and SUP coaching work, Lilian found a calling to pursue coaching the essential skill — swimming. 

She hopes to instil the spirit of fun and play through a child’s development of motor skills in the water. In addition, enjoyment of watersports extends to adults as well. Lilian cares about helping adults who never got the exposure to overcome their fears and build water confidence. When properly coached with care, it can widen one's horizons beyond the confines of a pool — a passion Lilian hopes to share through teaching.  

  • AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety, Certified Swimming Coach

  • AUSTSWIM Teacher of Infant and Preschool Aquatics (on-going)

  • Lifesaving Bronze Medallion, The Singapore Life Saving Society

  • Standard First Aid + AED Certified, Singapore

  • International Surfing Association-Certified Flatwater SUP Instructor

  • International Surfing Association-Certified Open Water SUP Instructor (on-going)

  • Project Ocean Therapy, Lead SUP Coach for Autistic Youths

  • Surfing Association Singapore – SUP Division Committee 

  • Singapore National Registry of Coaches, Swimming 

  • Foundation Sports Science, Republic Polytechnic

  • SG-Coach Theory Level 1, Republic Polytechnic (on-going)

  • Kayak 3 Star Award Certified in Hong Kong 

  • PADI-Advanced Open Water Certified

  • Bachelor of Communications, Monash University


  • 2023 Singapore Canoe Marathon — 4th, OC1 Women

  • 2022 Korea Open Busan International Dragon Boat Festival — Winner, DB12 Women 200m, DB22 Mixed 200m & DB22 Mixed 500m

  • 2022 Austcham 10km Challenge (Singapore) — 4th, DB21 Mixed | Race Organiser

  • 2022 Singapore Country of Origin — 2nd, Women's OC6

  • 2022 Molokai to Oahu 26km Virtual SUP Challenge (Singapore) — Finisher

  • 2022 Singapore Dragon Boat Festival — Winner, IDBC Mixed & 2nd, National Premier Mixed

  • 2022 SDBA Dragon Boat Century Race (Singapore) — Winner, DB5 IDBC Mixed 

  • 2022 Aloha SUP Classics (Singapore) — 2nd, 4km Women & 1st Women Sprints 

  • Surfing Association Singapore's Inaugural Surf x SUP Classic 2021/2022 — SUP Race Director

  • 2021 SDBA Dragon Boat Century Race (Singapore) — 2nd, DB5 Premier Mixed 

  • 2019 Cross Tolo Harbour Open Race (Hong Kong) — Finisher

  • 2018 Shek O Challenge Open Water Race (Hong Kong) — 1st Runner Up, Age Group 25-29

  • 2017 Shek O Challenge Open Water Race (Hong Kong) — 3rd Runner Up, Age Group 25-29

  • 2019 Sai Kung Dragonboat Festival Race (Hong Kong) — Winner, Women’s Open

  • 2018 Sai Kung Dragonboat Festival Race (Hong Kong) — Winner, Women’s Open 

  • 2017 Hong Kong SUP League — Winner, 500m Women’s Race

  • 2016 & 2017 New World Harbour Race (Hong Kong) — Finisher

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3 to 5 years old

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6 - 16 years old

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17 years old and above

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