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Training Plans


Training Plan

Choose from our series of ready-made training plans available from 5km to Full Marathon and Sprint triathlon to IRONMAN in beginner, intermediate, advanced versions! These are perfect for the runner and triathletes on a budget. Our structured training plans provide effective and progressive training, based on individually assessed training zones.

Why Use Our Training Plans?


Flexible, structured training for any level

  • Research-backed plans for any experience-level that fit around your lifestyle

  • Designed by IRONMAN certified coach Arthur Tong

The world's best training app

  • We use TrainingPeaks for personalised training zones, trackable progress and so much more

  • Train and race with any major training device

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How It Works

1. Choose from our series of flexible plans

  • With beginner, intermediate, advanced – we’ll have the perfect one for you

2. Activate your free TrainingPeaks account

  • Our plans are delivered in the TrainingPeaks software (browser and app-based)

  • Choose the appropriate version depending on what measure of training intensity you prefer (RPE vs Heart Rate vs Pace)

  • Our plans are sold through and by TrainingPeaks

3. Click here to get your training plan and start ticking off sessions!

perks from our partners

Elevate Performance Coaching training platform wouldn't be complete without some sweet perks from our partnering brands. We've lined up some lucrative discounts that will save you money as you outfit yourself in the latest and greatest kit and enjoy some of the best nutrition products available as you seek to crush your training goals.

So cash in on some juicy deals we've worked out with our Elevate Performance Coaching partners below.

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