Training Plans


Training Plan

Choose from our series of ready-made training plans available from 5km to Full Marathon and Sprint triathlon to IRONMAN in beginner, intermediate, advanced versions! These are perfect for the runner and triathletes on a budget. Our structured training plans provide effective and progressive training, based on individually assessed training zones.

Why Use Our Training Plans?


Flexible, structured training for any level

  • Research-backed plans for any experience-level that fit around your lifestyle

  • Designed by IRONMAN certified coach Arthur Tong

The world's best training app

  • We use TrainingPeaks for personalised training zones, trackable progress and so much more

  • Train and race with any major training device

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How It Works

1. Choose from our series of flexible plans

  • With beginner, intermediate, advanced – we’ll have the perfect one for you

2. Activate your free TrainingPeaks account

  • Our plans are delivered in the TrainingPeaks software (browser and app-based)

  • Choose the appropriate version depending on what measure of training intensity you prefer (RPE vs Heart Rate vs Pace)

  • Our plans are sold through and by TrainingPeaks

3. Click here to get your training plan and start ticking off sessions!

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