Elevate Custom Swim Cap (Free Size)

Elevate Custom Swim Cap (Free Size)


Liven up your training and inject some personality into the pool with our custom Elevate swim cap. Made with 100% silicone and seamed for superior comfort and fit, these caps are designed to help you achieve a smooth profile in the water. Ideal for training, the cap helps reduce drag while protecting the hair against chlorine.


Features & Benefits

  • Silicone is durable for long lasting wear and won't snag or pull hair
  • Silicone seams - for superior comfort and fit
  • Cap helps protect hair against chlorine
  • To wash

    A standout amongst the most important - and even the least complex - measures you can take to maintain your bathing cap is to wash it with clean water after each swim. Regardless of whether you train in chlorinated water, salt water or even firm water, it is always smart to wash the cap after training. Why wash with new water? In water contained minerals and additives, eg. As salt or chlorine, can degrade even the most grounded materials after some time. These chemicals attack silicone, latex, elastic, nylon and even neoprene caps. Washing a cap can flush away these potentially threatening chemicals and protect the natural elasticity and quality of the cap.


    After washing your cap with new water, dry the cap in the belt pocket before putting it down. While most materials are form and bacteria resistant, you can guarantee that your hardware is dry before putting it away. This allows you to hold all harmful advancements within proper limits. This is especially important for latex swimming caps. By totally drying a latex bathing cap, the surfaces won't adhere to each other. Permeable materials, for example, Lycra and Neoprene caps, ought to be hung up to dry. To guarantee that material caps are totally dry when put away, hold a small towel in the cap to keep it in your pocket. Or on the other hand bring a container of baby powder and sprinkle something in your elastic, latex or silicone bathing cap before putting it away. This absorbs remaining water and keep the cap stretchy and malleable. 

    Taking care of silicone bathing caps is straightforward and keeps your gear supple and portable. Silicone caps are ordinarily known as the hardest alternative. 


    Coordinate daylight is one of the greatest supporters when swimwear collapses. It is important that you secure all your swimwear, especially your bathing cap, from direct daylight when you are not utilizing it. After washing and drying, store the cap in your bathing bag or other place shielded from solid UV light. Since most swimmer bags usually accommodate countless gear, you should keep your bathing cap in a special compartment. This shields it from sharp items and keep them intact for longer time frames.

    Before securing or packing the cap, sprinkle baby powder into it. This shields the cap from staying together. 

    If you place your hat on a flat surface, place it on the crown, not on the flood. If you leave it in its flood, it will flatten and change its shape. 

    You can also hang your hat on a hat stand or a pen. Make beyond any doubt that the vortex or sling is sufficiently wide to avoid despondencies in the hat. If your sling appears to be excessively sharp, cut a cut into a tennis ball and slide it over the sling to create a more extensive platform. Try not to store your hat on a pen for significant lots of time because the gravity that pulls the hat can change its shape.