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At ELEVATE PERFORMANCE COACHING, we believe in working closely with individuals to develop workouts and training that are customised to them and their goals. We apply a holistic and authentic approach that balances the athlete's needs and lifestyle with structured training.


Whether you are new to triathlon or a seasoned triathlete, ELEVATE PERFORMANCE COACHING is passionate about getting you to the start line, fit and ready for a breakthrough performance. Using the TrainingPeaks platform to deliver its customised triathlon programs, we analyse your training data to give you real-time, constructive feedback. 


ELEVATE PERFORMANCE COACHING also offers regular group training run/swim sessions to supplement our online plans. This will give you ample opportunities to interact directly with your coach and fellow athletes.




Strength and conditioning is crucial to enhancing athletic performance and for injury prevention. ELEVATE PERFORMANCE COACHING recognises that the typical gym practices of weight lifting or bulking up is not for everyone. We believe in providing a dynamic range of physical conditioning, such as plyometrics, speed and agility, endurance and core stability.


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Water competency is an important life skill that taps on both physical and mental resilience. ELEVATE PERFORMANCE COACHING takes a personalised approach to swim coaching, incorporating an athletes' fitness, ability and swimming goals to come up with workouts that suit their needs and skill levels. 


Catered to all levels from beginners to competitive swimmers, we emphasise on effective swim techniques and drills to help you swim efficiently with less effort. Aside from learning to conquer the pool, we also provide open water training sessions to help you navigate the ocean with confidence.


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In swimming, efficiency is everything. Refined adjustments in a stroke technique can greatly improve stroke efficiency and overall swimming velocity. ELEVATE PERFORMANCE COACHING uses slow-motion video capture, graphical telestration, and audio voiceover to deliver the ultimate video analysis.


With our comprehensive and detailed video analysis, we analyse your strokes from every angle and prescribe a set of specific stroke correction drills that will have you swimming faster and smarter in no time.


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