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Privacy Policy

  1. ​Steps to Get Started

    • Upon confirmation of starting a term after the trial lesson, a service invoice will be sent via email.

  2. Definition of "Term" 

    • A term consists of 12 classes, with a minimum of 1 class per week. The day and time of the class are to be fixed for the entire term (unless it is a make-up lesson). 

  3. 5th Week of the Month 

    • There will be no classes on the 5th week of the month (29th to 31st of each month). The dates will be blocked out to cater for make-up classes. 

  4. Public Holidays

    • There will be no classes on public holidays. 

  5. Cancellation/Replacement of Coach

    • No fees will be incurred if a cancellation is made by the coach due to unforeseen circumstances.

    • 1-on-1 students will be required to give 6 hrs. advance notice to cancel and reschedule a class. The class will be deemed as completed in the event of late notice. 

    • The coach may arrange for a replacement coach to cover the class as much as possible to avoid a cancellation from happening.

  6. Make-up Classes

    • 1-on-1 Students are allowed up to 2 make-up classes for every term (12 classes). 

    • Group class students are allowed up to 2 make-up classes only on medical grounds (eg. Feeling unwell, Stay Home Notice). 

    • Make-up classes will be at the availability of the coach's schedule.

  7. Inclement Weather

    • Drizzle

      • No make-up lessons will be given to absentees.

      • Classes will still be conducted as usual if there is no lightning risk and heavy downpour.

    • Inclement weather before class commences

      • In the event of inclement weather, the coach reserves the rights to cancel or postpone the lesson for safety reasons. Land drills or theory lessons may be conducted instead depending on suitability of the environment.

      • 1 make-up class due to inclement weather will be given on the 5th week of the month (29th to 31st of each month).

      • 1-on-1 students will be required to give a 45 min advance notice to reschedule a class due to inclement weather.

    • Inclement weather after class commences

      • Classes will be considered completed. 

  8. Medical Condition 

    • We reserve the right to withdraw your child from class should we deem your child as unsuitable to participate due to health reasons. 

    • Parents/Guardians are to inform the coach of the child’s health status before the class commences. 

  9. Media Consent

    • Video footage and photos of classes may be recorded and used for progress tracking, media, promotional, training purposes. If you disagree, please inform the coach at your child’s first class and we will take the necessary measures to exclude your child. 

  10. Withdrawal

    • No refunds will be granted upon payment (unless otherwise by the Sole discretion of Elevate Junior). 

  11. Liability 

    • Upon signing up for Elevate Junior’s swim classes, the parent/guardian accepts that Elevate Junior will not be responsible for any damage or loss suffered by the student or the student’s parent/guardian or property during their session. The parent/guardian indemnifies Elevate Junior, its management and staff against all injuries or liabilities, which may arise from their child’s participation in our classes and acknowledges that they are participating in our classes entirely at the child’s own risk.

Updated on: 12th July 2021